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DIVE Group

Margot Gerritsen

Margot Gerritsen
Professor of Energy Science and Engineering & ICME
Project PI, specializes in mathematical modeling of physical and engineering processes with a particular interest in energy systems.

Margot has extensive experience in mathematical and computational modeling, data science, reservoir simulation and renewable energy processes.

Karen Eggerman with short brown hair, wearing glasses and a red shirt and scarf

Karen Eggerman
Partner at Tensleep Advisory

Specializes in finance, high-tech, data analysis and multiple sustainability frameworks.

Karen works with Sonoma County stakeholders and businesses on projects, policies and strategic plans for sustainable communities, transport, water and energy efficiency and renewable energy development. 

PhD student, Nora Hennessy with long brown hair and wearing a sleeveless white shirt

Nora Hennessy
PhD Student, Energy Science and Engineering
Specializes in environmental justice and equity in the energy transition, energy policy and decarbonization.

Nora has expertise in energy systems modeling and data analysis and brings energy experience in local government and at non-profits.

Student Admin, Trisha Jo-Marie Litong with long black hair and wearing a long sleeve black shirt

Trisha Litong
Product Design Undergraduate, School of Engineering
Specializes in investigating current efforts to replace internal combustion engine vehicles
with cleaner transportation options, including zero-emission vehicles.

Trisha's broader research goals include community engagement with CC4A stakeholders and analyzing CC4A's incentive data both quantitatively and qualitatively.

PhD student, Nadim Saad, in a white polo shirt with short, brown hair

Nadim Saad
PhD Student, Computational & Mathematical Engineering
Specializes in analysis and simulation of complex nonlinear systems of partial differential equations, with a particular emphasis in traffic modeling.

Nadim brings expertise in computational and mathematical modeling and software development.

PhD student, Sita Syal with shoulder length brown hair and red wide-rimmed glasses, wearing a dark blue blazer and royal blue shirt

Sita Syal
PhD Student, Mechanical Engineering
Specializes in modeling human uncertainty, optimization and empathy approaches to stakeholder engagement.

Sita brings valuable industry and research experience in energy, and a strong skillset in human-centered design.


Alegria DeLa Cruz

Alegria DeLa Cruz
Office of Equity, Sonoma County

Alegria practices in the areas of land use, real estate, community development, and affordable housing.

She works with the Sonoma County Community Development Commission, the Board of Supervisors, and the Permit and Resource Management Department. She also represents the County in its negotiations with tribal governments.

Efren Carrillo

Efren Carrillo
Vice President of Residential Development
Burbank Housing

In Efren's current role, his responsibilities include overseeing and directing the Housing Development Department, as well as regulatory, legislative and political efforts on behalf of Burbank.

The Housing Development Department’s goals are to create housing in an effective, systematic manner that is consistent with Burbank’s mission and public purpose objectives.

Rusty Klassen, Principal at Tensleep Advisory, with short grey hair and a blue short sleeve shirt

Rusty Klassen
Tensleep Advisory

Rusty currently works as a Senior Advisor for policy, energy and innovation strategies for both Sonoma Water and Sonoma Clean Power.

Some of his accomplishments include the founding of Sonoma Clean Power, co-authoring the Water Bill Savings Act, SB 1233, the creation of Applied Solutions and the Carbon Free Water program. He is a former municipal bonds underwriter. 

Past Collaborators

Biology teacher, Marcella Barrios with shoulder length light grey hair, glasses and a dark grey button up shirt

Marcella Barrios
Living Earth Biology Teacher in Contra Costa County, 9th Grade
Ignited Education

Currently when we talk about environmental problems, we start at the point of the negative outcome, such as global warming and then directly jump to our preconceived notions of how to ‘fix’ that specific problem without considering the broader social context that exists around that issue.

Marcella plans to share her internship experience with her students, so that they can better understand the importance of inclusion in scientific research and the role of community members in defining their needs within the context of research outcomes.

Science Teacher, Julia Varboncoeur, with long blonde hair and wearing a yellow top

Julia Varboncoeur
Science Teacher in Marin County, 7th Grade
Ignited Education

In the world of encouraging students to think like scientists and engineers through tangible and exciting design challenges, at times we lose sight of human-centered design. Middle schoolers, especially after the isolation associated with a global pandemic, have work to do to build their communication and empathy skills.

Julia's summer fellowship experience in identifying drivers and barriers for stakeholders’ shift from internal combustion engine vehicles to electric vehicles in Sonoma County, reminds her of the importance of using insights and feedback from the people affected by a system or design, throughout the entire design and iteration process.



Hannah Sieber
Master's Student, EIPER

Hannah is wrapping up her MBA/MS in Earth Sciences from Stanford University. At Stanford, she has worked on a wide range of projects from analyzing impacts of exporting used ICE vehicles with DIVE Lab to quantifying the economic and equity impacts of California's planned safety power shut-offs for her Master's Thesis.

She is also working on wrapping up her master's capstone, as well as a new start-up idea that she's working on to decarbonize cold-chain using thermoelectric heat pumps.

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