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Sita Syal and Nora Hennessey Project Receives Grant from Stanford University Environmental Justice Working Group

Understanding Social Drivers and Barriers to Sustainable Mobility in Sonoma County
PhD student, Sita Syal with shoulder length brown hair and red wide-rimmed glasses, wearing a dark blue blazer and royal blue shirt

Sita is a 4th year PhD candidate in the Mechanical Engineering department, whose work focuses on quantifying human influence and equity in sustainable energy systems models through an integration of qualitative and quantitative methods. 


PhD student, Nora Hennessy with long brown hair and wearing a sleeveless white shirt

Nora is a 3rd year PhD candidate in the Energy Resources Engineering department whose research focuses on equity and environmental justice in the energy transition. 


Together, as part of the Decommissioning ICE Vehicles (DIVE) research lab led by Dr. Margot Gerritsen, they are working to understand access to clean mobility benefits in Sonoma County. Their work this summer will involve engaging the low income and Latinx communities of Sonoma County in interviews to understand the transportation needs of the community and the barriers to electric vehicle adoption and removal of conventional vehicles from the road in these communities. They are working with Alegria De La Cruz, the county’s Chief Equity Officer, Efren Carrillo, Director of Government Relations and Co-Director of Housing Development for Burbank Housing, and Karen Eggerman, DIVE project partner and Partner at Tensleep Advisory.


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