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Mini Symposia

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This upcoming mini symposium is about Transportation & Equity titled: The Road to Equitably Mitigate Harmful Impacts of Traffic-Related Pollution.

The mini symposium will be part of the "Hybrid: SIAM Conference on Mathematics of Planet Earth (MPE22)" on July 13-15, 2022. View More Details

Transport emissions are one of the major contributors to the rise in air pollution today. In several large urban areas, air pollution from traffic congestion contributes to more than 2200 premature deaths annually and costs the health system at least $18 billion. The overall growth of congestion and pollution impacts various sub-communities in these counties inequitably. Specifically, this is becoming very critical during the COVID-19 era as scientists have found that “highly polluted counties in the United States will have a COVID-19 death rate 4.5 times higher than those with low pollution”. The development of models that allow the effective prediction of congestion and emissions on critical traffic corridors, and modeling air pollution and their impact on various communities is crucial in advancing and evaluating solutions that aim to mitigate environmental and health consequences of traffic. This mini symposium brings together researchers involved in various aspects of Transportation and Equity that include analyzing the impacts of air pollution and quantifying inequities in the distribution of those impacts, developing computational traffic flow models, and proposing and testing solutions that include the design of electric fleet and route planning.
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Nadim Saad will be giving a talk during the event about the “Design of an Improved Computational Model for Prediction of Traffic Flow”.

Coming Soon: Video with car simulation.

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