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Clean Cars 4 All (CC4A)

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Clean Cars For All

The Clean Cars 4 All Program is an equity program intended to help low-income and disadvantaged communities make the transition to clean light-duty vehicles. After approval, an applicant can earn a grant up to $9,500 to put towards paying for a clean replacement vehicle option (ex. hybrid, PHEV, BEV, FCEV, or mobility option). The applicant must then scrap their old combustion engine vehicle. An investigation was done on the Clean Cars 4 All program to understand the its numerous stakeholders and their needs and barriers, and an incentive analysis was conducted to measure the benefits and limitations of the program since it started in 2015. 

Clean Cars For All

Journey Map Diagram

Journey Map

This map lists all the major steps a CC4A applicant must undergo, highlighting all the subprocesses and boxes to check necessary for advancement. Visually evident, there are various barriers that could prevent the applicant from advancing. On average, it takes 2-5 months for an applicant just to get through the online application.

Stakeholder map

Stakeholders Map

This map connects all people, places, things, and entities involved in CC4A. All circles and connection lines are click-able and provide further description of that circle or connection.

Incentive map diagram

Incentive Maps

These maps show where CC4A incentives have gone in California, the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, and Sonoma County since the program began in 2015.

Public data source: the California Air Resources Board through a Public Records Act request


SURI Poster + Presentation

Poster: Investigating the effectiveness of the CC4A program in low-income communities.

Presentation: Objectives, Discussion & Future Research

CC4All Walkthrough Game

CC4A Walkthrough Game

This walkthrough is intended to reflect the most important parts of the CC4A application process, including all its nuances and difficulties. You will navigate the game as three different personas -- each persona representing an intended user of a disadvantaged or low-income background. 


Clean Cars For All
"Uncovering the Barriers and Inequities of a Clean Mobility Program Using Journey Mapping"

CC4A Report

This paper details the journey mapping process and how it helped uncover unintended inequities of the CC4A program so that recommendations can be made for future program iterations.