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The Approach

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True Decommissioning

Removing internal combustion engine (ICE) light-duty vehicles (LDVs) from the road permanently, quickly, and equitably.


Through our work, we hope to contribute to faster and more equitable decommissioning of ICE vehicles and adoption of EVs. Clean Mobility for All is our motto. We work primarily at the local and regional scale to allow for a deeper understanding of and engagement with underrepresented and disadvantaged communities. 

Our activities range a broad spectrum from data collection and analysis, critical analysis of existing and new policies, studies of national and international trends and policy development.

On this page, you can find more detailed information about our current projects and approaches.

Components of True Decommissioning

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In order to build the complex system required to achieve True Decommissioning, we must understand the individual parts of the multi-objective optimization problem and how they interact with each other.  We believe the next steps fall into three main areas.

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Open Research Questions

In addressing True Decommissioning, it is clear that a large number of research questions have come up, many of which are unanswered. We have provided a table of questions in the Appendix that is far from exhaustive. 

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Permanently removing ICE LDVs from the road in a way that does not penalize stakholders who depend on them is fundamental.

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For True Decommissioning to be effective, we must couple the permanent removal of ICE LDVs with a quicker than market rate removal.

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In order to achieve our goals in an equitable way, we must elevate equity to be front and center.