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Car exhaust

Our overarching goal is to...

"Develop effective and above all equitable policies and incentives to de-commission ICE vehicles and ensure true removal of trailing emissions from this source."

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We are the newly formed (2020) DIVE (De-commissioning ICE Vehicles) research group. We are driven to create actionable results from research and develop policies and new business models based on equity. Our strength lies in a core of talented and passionate PhD students, and future leaders, across Earth Sciences and Engineering who bring a diverse and valuable skillset to the table.

Meet The Team

The research is an essential step in transitioning to a sustainable transport future.  Our approach differs in two important ways from the existing research. First, we do not focus on the fleet electrification question only - we address actual permanent removal of ICE vehicles from the fleet. Second, we pay particular attention to the question of equity and aim to develop policies that do not (inadvertently) disadvantage or leave out any groups in our communities.

During the initial two years of the project, we will focus on Sonoma and Santa Cruz counties that are both facing challenges due to growing local and commute traffic, associated emissions and their severe health impacts. Collaboration with local government is important to developing strategies that will work on the ground. Local government studies generally acknowledge the need for equitable solutions.

Reducing transport-related pollution is more critical than ever in this Covid-19 era as it becomes increasingly clear that highly polluted regions suffer a significantly higher death rate than those with low pollution levels.

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Read our White Paper on True Decommissioning